“Hands down the best D&O experience…”
Find out why Corporate Secretaries everywhere are choosing QDiligence for digital D&O Questionnaires and Board Assessments.

QDiligence Digital D&O and Board Assessments

QDiligence is the industry-leading service for Digital D&O Questionnaires and Board Assessments.

No Faxing, no scanning, no mailing, no reprinting to correct typos plus no more wondering who has, or who hasn’t, started their questionnaire.

It’s time to ditch the paper.

Board Assessments

Your custom Board Assessments and Evaluations can be completed from anywhere, any time, using any device plus instant tabulations at any time!

D&O Questionnaires

QDiligence D&O Questionnaires are secure, easy to use, personalized, and streamlined for each respondent. One-click access from anywhere.

Other Board Forms

Conflict Of Interest, Code of Conduct, Director Independence, Off-Cycles and your other Board-related forms are included with QDiligence.

Your Digital D&O Questionnaire Partner

QDiligence partners with you for every D&O Questionnaire and Board Assessment distribution.

QDiligence keeps you in control, provides the security and flexibility you want, and actually saves you time.

Our Qualifications? We Invented Digital D&O Questionnaires.

QDiligence created the first digital D&O Questionnaire way back in 2007 and our experience shows.


"We have received (unsolicited) positive feedback from several of our directors and officers, and administration has been a dream from our end. Everything is so intuitive and user friendly. All of your efforts – and your fabulous product – are greatly appreciated! Hands down the best D&O experience any of us have had!"

Patricia  Fortune 750 Medical Device Company

"The customer service is incredibly reliable and efficient. QDiligence meets or beats every timeline that we establish! QDiligence saved us significant time on our D&O Questionnaire process in the first year alone and in future years, the savings will be even greater. Thank you so much for making our jobs easier!"

Jessica  Fortune 500 Restaurant Company

"Excellent customer service. Always reliable and ready to assist."

Lorie  Uranium Mining Company

"Customer Service from QDiligence is outstanding! When calling with a question or urgent request, QDiligence is always willing to help and always in a very prompt manner. QDiligence definitely listens to its clients. They are always willing to listen to their customers' ideas on improving the system or new ideas on using the system."

Carol  Trust Company

"Our Directors & Officers really liked the switch to QDiligence."

Troy  Enterprise Cloud Compliance Software Company

QDiligence Digital D&O Questionnaires

QDiligence Digital D&O Questionnaires let Directors and Officers review, correct, and confirm their compliance data easier and faster than ever before.

Responding Is Easier
Directors and Officers instantly access questionnaires with one click using any device, anywhere, any time with nothing to install.

Preparation Is Faster
Preparing questionnaires and assessments is dramatically faster using QDiligence.

Analysis Is Simpler
PDF printing, spreadsheet exports and automatic response redlining lets you analyze responses quickly.

QDiligence Digital Board Assessments

QDiligence migrates your custom Board Assessments or Evaluations online so Directors can respond quickly and easily using any device.

Board, Committee, Peer-to-Peer Evaluations
QDiligence fully supports Board, Committee, and Peer-to-Peer evaluations in multiple customized configurations including the ability to enter free-form responses or comments.

Instant Tabulation Reports
Your custom Board Assessments include automatically tabulated and calculated metric reports you can access at any time.

Anonymous Responses and Delegated Access
Responses can be anonymous and access to responses can be restricted to appropriate administrators, committee chairs, or outside counsel.

World-Class Data Security

QDiligence’s ISO 27001 Certification and SOC 2 Reviews
ensure the highest levels of security for your data.

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and SWISS-U.S. Privacy Shield certifications mean GDPR-compliant protections are in place for customers subject to GDPR.