QDiligence White Paper D&O Questionnaires What corporate secretaries want to know

About The White Paper

General Counsel, Corporate Secretaries and other Governance Professionals who are responsible for Director and Officer questionnaires often ask us “How are other companies handling D&O questionnaires?” or “How long does it take everybody else to do these?” or “Do other companies start their D&O questionnaires as early as we do?”

In this special report, we present data and provide important insights into how corporate governance professionals are tackling D&O questionnaires, including:

• When and how often do companies distribute questionnaires?

• How are D&O questionnaires structured?

• How do companies analyze the D&O questionnaire responses?

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About QDiligence: Since 2007 the team at QDiligence has been helping companies of all sizes to prepare, distribute, and analyze D&O Questionnaires and Board Assessments faster than ever before. With QDiligence, governance professionals spend their valuable time on governance, not technology, and Directors and Officers get secure, simple access that makes responding easy.

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